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Signage: Vinyl vs. Mesh Banners

Vinyl banners are the traditional choice for outdoor use, and they provide a vibrant, long-lasting display. These banners are made from polyester or nylon material that is waterproof and resistant to tears, fading, and premature wear.

Mesh banners are an alternate option that features tiny perforations to allow air to pass through quickly. This makes them ideal for high-wind areas as they will not be overstretched or damaged by strong gusts. Mesh banners are lighter than vinyl banners, which makes them easier to install, and their superior breathability ensures that they won't dust up or create a distraction with flapping fabric.

Here are some typical applications for vinyl and mesh banners:

Vinyl banners:

1. Advertising a business or special event

2. Displaying corporate logos and colors in a bold format

3. Serving as temporary signage for tradeshows, conferences, and other large-scale events

Outdoor Mesh Banners:

1. Showcasing logos, images, and text messages outdoors in high-wind areas

2. Displaying graphics on construction fencing

3. Identifying business locations at events such as festivals or concerts

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