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Why your outdoor signage should have a UV coating.

An ultraviolet (UV) finish should be used for outdoor signage that requires long-term protection from the elements. The coating helps to protect the sign from scratches, fading and other wear caused by wind, rain, snow, and direct sunlight. Additionally, the added gloss or matte finish gives it a more attractive aesthetic and distinguishes it from other signs in the area.

UV coatings are applied using a liquid coating cured with ultraviolet light. The process begins with the pre-treatment of the substrate - such as cleaning, sanding, or priming - before applying the liquid. Once the liquid has been applied, it is exposed to a UV light source, which causes it to harden and form an even coating on the material's surface. This protects from scratches, fingerprints, and other wear and tear while giving the sign a glossy or matte finish that enhances its visual appeal.

UV coatings should be applied to the following types of outdoor signage:

1. Monument signs – often found in business parks or at large developments

2. Wayfinding and directional signs – used to help people find their way

3. Athletic field signs – used for advertisements and sponsoring information

4. Traffic and road signs – for providing safety and guidance

5. Parking lot and garage signs – for directions and regulations


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