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Quick Tips: Bindery & Finishing

Bindery and finishing are the processes that occur after a printed sheet has been created.

The bindery is responsible for cutting, folding, and assembling the printed product, while the finishing process involves varnishing, perforating, die-cutting, drilling, and laminating.

Ultimately, these two processes add value to the finished product by providing a professional look and increased durability. The result is a high-quality printed piece that is sure to impress customers with its quality and attention to detail.

Some everyday print items requiring bindery and finishing include brochures, books, presentation folders, newsletters, posters, business cards, and postcards. For example, brochures may require folding or trimming, while poster prints can be laminated or mounted to give them greater durability. Ultimately, the type of bindery and finishing processes will depend on the intended result.

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