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Web Design: What is a hero image?

A hero image is a focal point of any website, especially business websites. It is a carefully chosen image that captures the essence of what the website is trying to portray and can be used to grab the attention of visitors.

Hero images can make or break a website's aesthetic and are an important tool in creating an impactful first impression. They are also essential in helping to build brand recognition, as they often represent the company's ethos and values. Therefore, when creating a website, businesses should ensure their hero image effectively communicates their message and properly showcases their brand.

Here are 5 tips to help you select the perfect hero image that will capture your brand’s ethos and values:

1. Consider your target audience and make sure the hero image speaks to them.

2. Ensure the hero image has a solid visual impact.

3. Make sure the hero image is high-quality and of appropriate size and resolution for different devices, such as mobiles and tablets.

4. Use an original or creative approach to capture customer attention with your hero image.

5. Stay away from outdated visuals or overly used stock images, and look for something unique that stands out from other websites in your industry.

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