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Three Leadership Lessons From Tom Brady

This Sunday is Super Bowl LVI. No one has been to more Super Bowls than Tom Brady, who announced this week he is retiring from football after 22 historic seasons. He ended his career with seven Super Bowl titles, which is more than any other player and more than any other franchise in the NFL. Brady has also won five Super Bowl MVP trophies. When looking at his numbers and accolades, it’s easy to see why Brady is called the GOAT.

In addition to being the best quarterback the NFL has ever seen, Brady is also an exceptional leader. From his confidence to his determination, he demonstrates many qualities that can serve leaders well. Scott Stiver, the chief sales officer for Carew International, put together a few leadership lessons from Brady that can benefit leaders in any field. We discuss his thoughts in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

1. Be willing to put in the work.

Brady embraced hard work and showed the kind of drive that few others have. His former coach Bill Belicheck once said, “Nobody works harder than Tom.” On and off the field, Brady set an example for his team that success is earned, and never given. Leaders in the sales world and beyond can develop this leadership trait. They can show their team members what “great” looks like, says Stiver. When you work on refining your craft, you set the tone of excellence on your team.

2. Ask for feedback.

Brady was confident, but he knew there was always something to learn and ways to get even better. He watched film to review his footwork and throwing mechanics. Leaders can do this in the workplace by actively seeking feedback and then receiving it with integrity, says Stiver. He recommends asking, “When was the last time I actively sought candid feedback from my team?”

3. Commit to continual learning.

Leaders who embrace lifelong learning themselves can often inspire those around them to continue growing and learning. Brady didn’t just ask for feedback, but he also took it upon himself to learn how to be the best possible athlete. He studied nutrition and learned what to eat. He even wrote a book about his physical and nutritional strategies, Striver notes. Leaders can emulate this commitment to education by expanding their own knowledge.

Think about skills you’d like to develop, certifications you’d like to obtain or conferences you’d like to attend. Remember that even though you may lead a team, you should always continue to learn.

Throughout his storied career, Brady was poised under pressure, determined to win and relentless in his pursuit of excellence. When you emulate some of his leadership qualities, you can open the door to success and achievement in your own career.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Scott Stiver is the chief sales officer for Carew International.

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