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Sincere Content is Valuable Marketing

Always focus on providing value with your marketing content.

Everywhere we look we are being exposed to content, some of which is valuable, but most of which feels... empty.

As a result of the constant barrage of content, our brains have developed insanely fast mechanisms for determining if what you're seeing is valuable or not. This means it's more important than ever to focus on value when you are creating marketing content.

Teach your audience!

Our brains are programmed to learn, period. When developing new content, try and focus on teaching your audience one thing about your product or service. Small tidbits of valuable (or interesting) information automatically put you into a position of leadership. Teaching someone something new is also an amazing way to build trust and confidence in your brand.

Leverage your expertise.

There is a reason why you're in business. Obviously you provide products or services that people need. Reinforce your content with supporting information about your company. For example, mention how long you've been in business, what you specialize in, or how many customers you've helped! Don't be afraid to own your expertise.

Keep it simple.

Videos are an amazing tool to combine your expertise with teachable information. A basic slideshow can convey information about your company and service in less than 30 seconds! The idea is to provide the path of least resistance to your audience. Don't worry about making a sales pitch, stay focused on being a valuable asset and the leads will follow.


About the Author

Daniel Marr is the Director of Business Development for NWPC Marketing Solutions, a team of marketing experts dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and BOOST your brand! Our awesome team strives to build a culture of trust and commitment and work side-by-side with businesses as advisors and consultants.

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