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5 Ways to Increase Your Creative Productivity as a Marketing/Design Manager

Here are 5 ways to increase your creative productivity as a marketing/design manager 👇👇

1. Give your brain a rest! Creativity takes a lot of brainpower; taking a 5-10min break and focusing on something else can help you break through a creative block.

2. Keep track of ideas as they happen. Park your 'notes' application on your home screen or desktop so you can access it quickly to jot down new creative ideas or marketing strategies. Set aside time to review your ideas at least once per week.

3. Repurpose past work. Previous marketing projects and creative ideas can be repurposed with updated messaging; keep an eye on ideas that worked great as well as ideas that didn't pan out so well.

4. Be objective and realistic. Always remember that it's possible for a great idea to be ineffective as a marketing strategy. Make sure your ideas are viable solutions that can actually be implemented within your budget, goals, and time frame.

5. Be open to outside ideas. Marketing leaders often feel as if they need to be the only source of ideas/strategies... this is wrong! Involve your team, you'll be surprised how helpful outside information is from a different point of view.

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