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3 Simple Ways to Make Marketing Personal

We're all familiar with shotgun marketing... you know, where a brand blasts out a generalized marketing pitch that doesn't seem to fit into one specific category or meet any of your specific needs.

Yeah... don't do that!

You should always take the opportunity to craft a marketing message that is aimed at a specific idea, solution, or target market. Why? Because you want prospects/customers to find VALUE from your content!

Keep reading for three ways to make your marketing more personal 👇👇

#1 | Market a Specific Solution

Chances are if you're still in business, you provide some sort of solution to your clients. Why wouldn't you want to capitalize on that? When you're writing marketing content, focus on the specific solutions you are currently providing with your product or service. Come at the content from a position of expertise, this will help you build trust, which is the first building block of a new sale.

Provide multiple solutions? Great! Create separate ad sets for each solution and measure which content works the best. This will help you decide on where to allocate more resources.

#2 | Pick a Target

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is that they are more focused on how many people see their content than they are on WHO is seeing their content. Pick a specific target market before you write your content. Messaging to 19 to 25-year-olds is going to be much different than messaging to prospects in their 50s. Picking a target market dictates the messaging, wording, and visuals you're going to use to attract attention.

In order to decide on a target market, you should have a deep understanding of your brand, your services, and the demographics of your customers. If you've never performed a brand analysis, I highly recommend doing so, you may be surprised by the results!

#3 | Specific, but Simple

The key to effective personalized content is that you get to the point, right now. Attention spans are at historic lows, and you need to make an impact immediately for your marketing to work. Your messaging should be specific but simplified.

One of the most effective messaging formats:

Do you need a solution to your [problem]?

This is how we create value with our [solution].

Perform this [call-to-action] to get your [solution] to your [problem].

While the example above is extremely simplified, the general idea remains the same. Calling out the problem is what will catch their attention. Telling them how you solve their problem builds their trust and value. And the call-to-action gives them the path to your brand. From there it's up to your sales process to keep them engaged until you earn their business.


About the Author

Daniel Marr is the lead Marketing Strategist and Director of Business Development for NWPC Marketing Solutions, a team of marketing experts dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and BOOST your brand! Our awesome team strives to build effective marketing strategies by working side-by-side with businesses as advisors and consultants.

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