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Wednesday Website Tip: Make it Mobile-Friendly!

According to Google, "94% of people with smartphones search for local information on their phones."

With over 250 MILLION smartphone users in the United States, that accounts for a ton of exposure for your business. Unless your website isn't mobile-friendly.

Many of our marketing strategies are centered around having a strong website. Our marketing experts put so much emphasis on web presence because, whether you like it or not, prospects are going to visit your website long before they decide to call you and buy your service or product.

Having a mobile-friendly website is now standard practice and should be a top priority if it hasn't yet been addressed.

How do you find out if your website is mobile-friendly?

Easy! A great resource to use is Google's own mobile-friendly test - simply visit and type in your URL to run the test. You can also visit your own website on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to see how your website views (if it's not mobile-friendly you'll be able to tell right away).

What if your website IS NOT mobile-friendly?

If your website cannot be viewed on mobile devices you are most definitely receiving less traffic from traditional and popular search engines. This is because non-mobile friendly websites are downgraded in results!

Have no fear! Updating and upgrading your website is a necessary step to get it up-to-date. For example, our company has an awesome team of experts dedicated to helping you boost your web presence. They can perform a website refresh using your current platform, or build you an eye-catching, responsive website from scratch!

What if your website IS mobile-friendly?

That's awesome! Our team of web design professionals can also assist you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other site updates such as refreshing the branding or helping you improve your website security!

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