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Wednesday Website Tip: Help Visitors Contact You!

Your website is good for many things such as telling your brand's story, building trust with prospects, and helping potential customers contact you.

It's already a proven fact that prospects will visit your website long before they feel comfortable contacting you for more information.

The key to a successful website is making it easy for potential (and current) customers to contact you. Read the tips below for advice on how to drive more contact!

#1 Stay In Front of Visitors

No matter where your visitor is at on your website, there should be an easily accessible and visible route they can take to get to your contact form or page. This could be a button or linked call-to-action text that they can easily click to get ahold of your company.

Take some time to scroll your website to ensure that all of your websites pages provide easy pathways to your contact forms.

#2 Keep Your Forms Simple

Nowadays, it feels like you don't have any time to spare! Trust us, everyone feels this way. That's why we recommend keeping your contact forms simple and to the point. Streamline your forms by only including fields that are necessary to getting the inquiry process started.

Visit your website and fill out your contact form, you'll know right away if it's too long.

#3 Be Responsive

One of the most important rules of contact forms is providing a speedy response to your visitor. Aim to respond within one business day at a minimum, even if it's just to confirm that you received their inquiry. Nobody likes feeling like they're being ignored.

An additional option you can include is an auto-response! This is a great option that verifies with your visitor that you received their contact - just don't forget to follow up with them!


Because every business is different, we recommend doing an in-depth analysis to discover what motivates prospects to contact your business. Our team at NWPC Marketing Solutions is packed full of experts that can help you get the most out of your website.

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