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The Importance of Consistent Social Media Posting

If your company has social media channels set up, awesome! If you don't have a consistent posting schedule, not so awesome!

Distributing content on a recurring basis is proven to increase your exposure and show that you are dedicated to maintaining a lively digital presence.

Keep reading to learn why!

1. Current social media content helps your backend!

Search engines like Google and Yahoo love seeing active brands on reputable social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Consistent content attracts interaction with your posts and calls-to-action, especially if you funnel them to your website.

The more organic interaction you have with your posts raises your "score" on major search engines and helps you rank higher than competitors that don't post.

2. Current social media content builds trust!

Companies that utilize social media to showcase employees, customers, or services are one step closer to building trust with prospects. Think about the research stage when you are interested in a company - would you rather work with an organization that posted an awesome employee profile 2 hours ago? Or would you rather work with a company that hasn't posted in months?

Aside from a strong website, current social media content shows that you are alive!

3. Current social media content is cost-effective!

Staying on top of your social media with organic posts is a low-cost way to gain exposure. Most platforms are free to join and use. Plus, organic posts provide a solid base on which to grow if you decide to utilize paid advertising.

With attention spans at all-time low, sincere content reigns supreme! Try and develop a daily routine where you focus on distributing original content across your most effective social media platforms!


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