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Remote Work: Tips for Recharging During Off Hours

With more employees working from home, it's harder to create a disconnect during weekends or off-hours. Here are three tips for helping you recharge 👇👇

💻 Turn off your computer! Remote work was meant to be convenient, and it is. However, higher accessibility also means more work hours for a lot of employees. Don't fall into that trap, turn off your computer, enjoy the time off, and log back in on Monday relaxed and refreshed!

🏃‍♂️ Exercise! A run, a jog, a bike ride, even a walk. Take advantage of the summer weather and work some physical activity into your weekend routine. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise lowers stress, improves your mood, and increases your overall health!

🧗‍♀️ Start a new hobby! What are you interested in? There are thousands of hobbies you can explore that provide stress relief, healthy challenges, and encourage you to take a break.

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