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It's That Time Again: 5 Stylish Spring Apparel Options

With Spring fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start thinking about ordering updated apparel and accessories for your employees!

Whether you're looking for something dressy, casual, or comfortable - our team can help you find a branded solution that your team will love.

Keep reading to learn more about our 5 favorite apparel picks for Spring:

Polo Shirts

The classic go-to for many businesses! Comfortable yet classy, with plenty of room for branding. Polo shirts are one of the most popular branded apparel items on the market.

Light Jackets

We all love when the weather warms up, but none of us like being wet! Light jackets are great all through summer and into early Fall - especially if your employees venture outside.


Another great apparel solution that's great for both Spring and Fall. Vests provide a comfortable warming layer while also remaining classy and stylish.


1/4 zips, 1/2 zips, full-zips - We have them all! Combine multiple options and give your employees something to choose from. Zip-ups work just as well for staff working in the office as they do for those working remotely.

Bags & Backpacks

With more employees working remote or hybrid schedules; branded bags and backpacks are a useful solution that will help your team members stay organized while keeping work materials such as laptops and paperwork safe.

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