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EDDM: Every Door Direct Mail - How it can help your business.

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is a direct mail service offered by the United States Postal Service. It allows businesses to send out targeted marketing materials to people in specific geographic locations without needing to know the full address of each recipient.

With EDDM, marketers can target narrow neighborhoods, large cities or states, and even zip codes. This service makes it convenient and cost-effective for businesses to reach customers without having to purchase an expensive mailing list or figure out individual addresses. Additionally, because EDDM utilizes postcards instead of envelopes, they can save on postage costs while still getting their message across.

Businesses of all types can benefit from using EDDM. For example, local retailers can use EDDM to reach potential customers in the surrounding area, while e-commerce businesses may target people near their fulfillment centers or warehouses.

Restaurants, movie theaters, and other entertainment venues also utilize EDDM to attract new customers. Real estate agents, medical offices and health professionals, home services companies, and small business owners also find that a targeted EDDM campaign is an effective way to reach the right people with their marketing materials.

By taking advantage of EDDM's cost-effective pricing and targeted delivery options, businesses can maximize their chances of connecting with their target audience and increasing sales.

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