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Website Tip: Keep Your Branding Consistent!

The two main channels of marketing today are Digital (Website, Social Media, Email, etc.) and Physical (Print Materials, Direct Mail, Storefront, etc.).

Keeping a consistent look and feel across your digital and physical marketing assets is vital to successfully engage and build trust with current and prospective customers. Creating a seamless experience across all of your marketing channels makes your sales and lead cycle easier to manage and helps drive more traffic towards that ever-important conversion.

Consistent branding also puts more stock in the meaningfulness of your content. Nowadays it's not difficult to find yourself overwhelmed by marketing content such as emails, pop-up ads, and that mailbox stuffed full of postcards! Meaningful content stands out and builds trust because it provides value to the prospect.

The main components of consistent branding:

1. Logos

2. Typefaces & Fonts

3. Color Schemes

4. Copy & Messaging

Prospects are going pre-qualify your company and services by visiting your website long before they decide to contact you for more information. When your digital and physical marketing content is different, it leaves your brand open for interpretation. Consistent branding shows that you are committed to your core values and messaging, driving a higher level of trustworthiness.

Developing Brand Guidelines

Spending time upfront with your marketing team to establish brand guidelines is the best way to ensure that your content and messaging is consistent across your marketing channels. Start by analyzing your current campaigns against your website. Does the content flow? Is your message re-iterated on your website or landing page?

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