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5 Reasons to Use the Power of LinkedIn for Your Business

Every business thrives off of making new connections. LinkedIn is the avenue for business professionals to take the next step in their careers and discover companies they want to work for. It’s also a place for individuals to find the next business they would love to work with! In a marketing world full of avenues to choose from to promote your business, it’s hard to know which areas are worth investing your time and which are not. Check out these reasons LinkedIn is worth the time for your business.

1. Gain Followers

One of the benefits of using LinkedIn is the capability for others to easily follow your updates and for you to reach new people. When a LinkedIn user applies for a job on LinkedIn, there is a setting that asks the applicant if they would like to “follow” business updates, essentially subscribing them to your feed. LinkedIn also shows people content that their friends are liking, meaning you can get in front of your followers’ friends in the newsfeed.

2. Find New Talent

LinkedIn was created to help people network and find new opportunities. Having a presence on LinkedIn will help you the next time you’re looking for star talent, or it may even help the star talent find you first! The next time you have an open position, consider posting it on LinkedIn.

3. Take a Stance

Whether you tell a story about what it’s like working at your company or use the platform to talk about important topics, LinkedIn is a place where your business can be heard. Talk about why you think unlimited PTO is the way to go. Or maybe you want to show how your business is supporting an important cause, like Women’s History Month. The world is your oyster!

4. Utilize Long-Form Content

LinkedIn is supposed to be about business, but it’s so much more than that. It gives you an outlet to discuss topics in a longer-form avenue. LinkedIn gives you the option to post blog articles and share them to your newsfeed. This is an opportunity to build a narrative about your company where you can discuss what you’re all about and highlight your values. You can also establish yourself as a subject matter expert.

5. Communicate Your Differentiators

Businesses that succeed do so because they are able to set themselves apart from their competitors. Think of LinkedIn as a place that you can and should talk about what makes your business unique. This could help you attract talent that is looking for a best-in-class business or help you attract new clients. What makes you different? Let the world know!

Get out there and make new connections using LinkedIn. The more you interact with others, the more fruitful your efforts will be. Whether you’re finding top new talent or attracting others that want to work with you, LinkedIn will help get you there.

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