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5 Keys to Make Video Work for Your Business

Imagine your name up in lights. Can you see yourself on the big screen? Or maybe even through the glow of a tiny phone screen? With video marketing, you can! Think of the last compelling piece of content you watched. Maybe it was a commercial or a video when you were scrolling through your social media feeds. Something caused you to stop scrolling and focus on the content. Maybe it was captivating, compelling and told a story.

This is exactly the type of content your business can utilize to attract new customers and engage existing customers. In order to perfect your video skills and use video to captivate your audience, try these five easy-to-follow steps.

1. Start with a Call to Action

The best place to start with your video storyboarding is the conclusion. While you might not consider starting with the ending, it’s the most logical way to get to where you want to go. Consider what it is that you’re asking your audience to do once they watch your video. Maybe you want them to simply visit your website. Maybe you want your audience to fill out a lead card so you have their information. Whatever the intended action is, consider how you want your audience to react when they see your video and work backward to figure out how you can get them there. Understanding your ending will help you work toward your beginning.

2. Make Sure the Video is Quality

Nowadays, video can be done by virtually anybody. That’s not to say there isn’t a craft to video production or that there aren’t times we should leave it to the professionals. However, the quality of technology has improved drastically within the last few decades. You can now film amazing, quality videos with the simple touch of a button with a device that you’re keeping in your pocket. iPhones and Android devices are both able to produce the video quality you need to look professional if done correctly. If you have somebody at your company versed in video production who could take your ideas and put them into motion, consider asking them to lend a hand.

3. Use a Storyline

Whatever it is that you want your audience to do, you’ll need a storyline to get them there. Consider what you can use to drive your audience so that they keep paying attention to the end goal. When done correctly, you may not even realize a video has a storyline. Even quick, funny videos you see on Tik Tok follow a storyline. Consider the tone of your video—is it serious? Funny? Emotional? Get creative with your team members and have a brainstorming session where no idea is a bad idea. Some of the best ideas were born from a far fetched idea that was finessed into something great.

4. Keep Your Video Concise

Think about how long a video was able to captivate and hold your attention (besides a full-length feature film). If the hook or storyline wasn’t all there, chances are you clicked out of the video or kept scrolling. You only have a short amount of time to get eyes on your video and keep them there. As a rule of thumb, keep your social videos between 30 seconds and a minute. This means your video content should be concise and captivating, all at the same time!

5. Choose the Right Channels

Once you have a quality video, the success also relies largely on where you put the video. Tik Tok was born for short videos that catch your eye. Sure, the social media platform was made for fun, but it also is wildly successful because it has a way of capturing peoples’ attention seamlessly. Instagram or Facebook may be the way to go, depending on your audience demographics. Or, if your target audience isn’t technology-enabled, you may focus on local television ads. It starts with knowing who you’re trying to reach and where they often get their content. Put your videos in the places that make the most sense for the group you’re trying to serve.

Remember—you’re the director of your own marketing success when it comes to video production. Who knew one of the keys to success could be sitting in your pocket in the form of a smartphone! Start with your goal, and storyboard with your team to come up with your next great idea. No matter which direction you’re heading, the power of video for your marketing efforts is not to be ignored.

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