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2 Apps We Use To Keep Our Marketing Team Organized Through Remote Work

With remote and hybrid work schedules here to stay, you may be wondering how to manage your projects with fewer in-person meetings. You aren't alone!

Our agency has been utilizing remote work schedules since long before COVID - and we've used a multitude of organization apps that have helped us greatly improve productivity while keeping everyone on the same page.

Whether you're working with a handful of employees, or multiple vendors and freelancers (like us) - there are multiple options out there for you. Keep reading to learn more about the two apps I use personally to make life easier for myself and our team.


ClickUp is a new application we started using in 2020, and it's been an outstanding tool so far. Personally, I use it to manage all of our pending and active projects, but it has a very robust set of features you can use to tool it to any need you may have.

Whether your team needs a to-do list, a project management tool, or even a tool to track time - you'll definitely find it on ClickUp.

My Favorite Features

  • Tons of preset and custom field options for each "board" you create

  • Ability to add multiple team members to your project boards

  • Desktop AND mobile apps

  • Hundreds of app integrations (ex. Dropbox, Outlook, Calendars, etc.)

ClickUp also includes a ton of educational resources and videos on how to make the most of the app. Although it has many features, it's relatively simple to use once you get the hang of it! I highly suggest watching their tutorial videos.

Pricing: Free, Unlimited ($5/mo), Business ($9/mo), Enterprise

Microsoft To-Do

If you're looking for a basic to-do list app that you can use with multiple team members, this may be a great solution. It is very simple to use and is easy to learn! Our team uses To-Do to organize pending and active projects that don't require multiple contributors as well as managing daily meeting topics and questions for review.

My Favorite Features

  • A simple interface on desktop AND mobile

  • Ability to share lists with other team members

  • Ability to add due dates, attachments, and notes to each list item

If To-Do seems like it would be a good fit, I highly suggest using it for a week or two to see if you and your team truly like it!

Pricing: Free


Daniel Marr is the Director of Business Development for NWPC Marketing Solutions, a team of marketing experts dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and BOOST your brand!

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