GROWTH-focused Consulting

Our marketing and business experts help you develop and implement strategies to solve problems, identify goals, and communicate with your clients as you grow your brand.

• In-depth brand analysis and discovery process.

• Experience boosting businesses through goal-focused marketing strategies.

• Expertise in various marketing channels and platforms.

• Lead qualification, tracking, and follow-up techniques to boost your sales process.

• Guidance and support throughout your growth stage.

Entrepreneurial Expertise

Communication Strategies

Crisis-planning and Mitigation

Consulting Services

operating A SUCCESFUL BUSINESS is no small task. it's okay to need backup. 

 Are you struggling to communicate with your clients?

Are you having trouble finding or retaining employees?

 Does your brand need assistance with remote working?

 Do you need a crisis-management strategy?

Is your sales process stalled out?

 Has COVID-19 impacted your business?

Does your business need guidance and support?

here to help you. VALUABLE BUSINESS CONSULTING that helps you grow. 

Our team of founders and experts has a wide range of experience including business management & leadership, employment practices, marketing & communications, and entrepreneurship.

Brian Marr | Founder
NWPC Marketing Solutions
With over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience in the commercial printing and marketing industry, Mr. Marr has a working knowledge of what it takes to lead an organization that plans and implements brand-focused, dynamic strategies. Brian's specialties include:
• Entrepreneurship
• Large-team Management
• Leadership Coaching
• Strategic Analysis & Planning
• Crisis & Contingency Planning
• Operations & Supply Chain
Joel Sellentine | Founder
Karma Jack Digital Marketing
Mr. Sellentine brings over 25 years of entrepreneurship and small business leadership to the table. As an expert in digital marketing, he helps businesses identify effective strategies they can use to increase sales and exposure. Joel's specialties include:
• Digital Marketing Strategy
• Social Media Management
• Website Design & SEO
• Crisis Management
• Strategic Analysis & Planning
• Large-team Management
Dan Bennett | Founder
1 Minute Media
Mr. Bennett has a deep passion for developing his clients’ authentic stories. A veteran of the video content industry and master storyteller, Dan prides himself on assisting businesses discover and clarify their uniqueness and value. Dan's specialties include:
• Video & Multimedia Production
• Storytelling & Messaging
• Digital Marketing Strategies
• DIY Content Creation Consulting
• Social Media Content & Management
Windy Seale | Founder
Amplify Design
An expert in the graphic design industry, Mrs. Seale specializes in creating memorable, effective designs for brands that want to stand out. Windy utilizes effective communication techniques that ensure clear messaging across all of your content. Her specialties:
• Graphic Design & Branding
• Marketing Strategy & Messaging
• Website & Digital Content Design
• Team Collaboration
• Communication Strategies
Daniel Marr | Strategist
NWPC Marketing Solutions
Daniel's passion lies in becoming an extension of your marketing capabilities and assisting your team in implementing effective solutions that serve your brand goals. His portfolio covers both physical and digital marketing strategies. Daniel's specialties include: 
• Strategic Analysis & Planning
• Communications & Messaging
• Leadership Development
• Team Collaboration Techniques
• Remote Working Strategies
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Stalling out is a frustrating problem, our consultants provide a fresh perspective on your current efforts while working side-by-side with your team to develop fresh, effective business ideas and techniques to keep you on track.


The strength of your team is directly related to the health of your client relationships. By becoming an extension of your team, our consultants bring over 150 years of business experience to the table to solve problems and discover effective strategies.


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